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Surplus Liquidator - Excess Merchandis Buyer - Houston, TX

Minimize your inventory and maximize your profits with Surplus Buyers. We're a surplus liquidator in Houston, TX and we provide funding for your business by buying your excess merchandise and product inventory. We offer liquidation services in Texas and throughout the United States. Whether moving to a new location or going out of business entirely, our experts quickly clean-out warehouses, dismantle unused or obsolete equipment, and sell all overstocked merchandise to make your transition easier. An experienced foreman works on every job to ensure all liquidation is done safely and correctly.


If you have overstock of unsold items or simply need more room in your warehouse, call us. We have the staff, tools, and equipment needed to remove any products you need. Our equipment includes box trucks, flatbed trucks, forklifts, and hand trucks.

Inconvenient & Immovable Items

Some items are easier to move than others. Items such as heavy furniture, display installations, and even scrap metal can turn any move into a major headache. If you have something that needs to be disposed of quickly and correctly, we can assist you. Our experts dispose of all items according to EPA regulations and guidelines. This includes everything from computers to cans of paint.

Data Center Removal

In addition to general office clean-out services, our experts specialize in clearing out data centers in a timely manner. We recycle IT equipment at an EPA-permitted facility.

Scrap Metal in Houston, TX